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Duration 01:02:19

The authors of the guidance on Risk-Based Supervision, as well as panellists representing the private sector and the financial inclusion community, discuss effective supervision of the private sector's efforts to combat money laundering. Find out more in the FATF Guidance 


Duration 01:39:52

FATF-Egmont Group Trade-Based Money Laundering webinar. Find out more in the FATF Guidance 


Duration 01:40:43

Money Laundering and the Illegal Wildlife Trade. The illegal wildlife trade is a major transnational organised crime, which generates billions of criminal proceeds each year. Find out more in the FATF Report 














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Duration 00:01:35

Money laundering fuels crime and terrorism. 


Duration 00:01:35

What is risk-based supervision? Find out more in the FATF Guidance  


Duration 00:02:16

Money laundering and the illegal wildlife trade. Find out more in the FATF report and webinar 













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FATF Plenary
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FATF Plenary


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