Les Dernières Nouvelles

19 Oct 2018

During the first Plenary meeting of the US Presidency, delegates worked through a full agenda that included the discussion of the mutual evaluations of Israel and the United Kingdom, and actions taken by Austria, Denmark and Malaysia to strengthen their measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing. 

19 Oct 2018

The FATF has amended its Standards to respond to the increasing use of virtual assets for money laundering and terrorist financing.  This includes an amendment of the FATF Recommendations and Glossary to clarify to which businesses and activities apply in the case of virtual assets. 

24 Sep 2018

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is achieving good results in fighting terrorist financing, but needs to focus more on pursuing larger scale money launderers and confiscating their assets.

06 Sep 2018

Over 140 participants from the FinTech and RegTech sectors, financial institutions, and FATF members, associate members and observers attended the third FinTech and RegTech Forum on 4 and 5 September 2018, in Hangzhou, China.