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FATF Secretariat

The FATF Secretariat supports the Task Force and President. The Secretariat service is provided by the OECD, and the Secretariat is located at the OECD Headquarters in Paris.

The main responsibilities of the FATF Secretariat include the following:

  • Supporting the activities of the FATF, including its working groups;
  • Facilitating co-operation between members, associate members and observers;
  • Ensuring efficient communication to members and others;
  • Managing the records, administering internal and external websites and dealing with correspondence of the FATF; and
  • Carrying out all other functions that are assigned to it by the FATF President or the Plenary.

Funding for the FATF Secretariat and other services is provided by the FATF annual budget to which members contribute.  The OECD is used as the channel for these services.  Individual member contributions to the FATF budget are in line with OECD scales.