Consolidated FATF Standards on Information Sharing

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The Consolidated FATF Standards on Information Sharing

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Effectively sharing information concerning possible cases of abuse of the financial system with relevant authorities is one of the cornerstones of an effective AML/CFT system.

The FATF’s requirements on information sharing are set out in 25 of the FATF’s 40 Recommendations and impact 7 immediate outcomes of the FATF Methodology for assessing effectiveness.

The FATF has grouped the relevant sections on information sharing from the existing FATF Recommendations into one compilation. The compilation will help to clarify what the FATF Recommendations require in terms of

  • the types of information that should be shared, including the types of information that competent authorities are required to make publicly available
  • the circumstances in which such information should be shared, and
  • the protections and safeguards which should apply to information sharing and exchange.

The FATF will continue its work to develop best practices to facilitate information sharing within the private sector (enterprise-wide and between financial institutions not part of the same financial group), and between the public and private sector.

Originally published June 2016, last updated November 2017.