Misuse of FATF's name by fraudulent services requesting fees for the verification of the origin of funds

It has been brought to our attention that the name of FATF/GAFI is being used for fraudulent purposes: people wishing to make international transfers of funds are allegedly asked by the FATF/GAFI to pay fees for fictitious services relating to verification of the origin of the funds. If the customer fails to pay the fees, the funds are blocked.

In fact, the FATF/GAFI does not provide any such services nor does it request fees or have the capacity to block any account.

The headquarters of FATF/GAFI are located in Paris, France. FATF/GAFI also operates a Training Institute in Busan, Korea. The FATF/GAFI does not maintain any other regional office or employees. 

If you believe you have information on money laundering or fraudulent activity, you should contact your local authorities, in particular the Police or Financial Intelligence Unit of your country.