Mexico's progress in strengthening measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing


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12 May 2022 - Since the 2018 assessment of Mexico’s measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing and their 2021 follow-up report, the country has taken a number of actions to strengthen its framework.

Mexico has been in an enhanced follow-up process following the adoption of its mutual evaluation in 2018 . In line with the FATF Procedures for mutual evaluations, the country has reported back to the FATF on the action it has taken since their mutual evaluation and subsequent follow-up report. Consequently, to reflect Mexico’s progress, the FATF has now re-rated the country on the following Recommendations:

37 – Mutual legal assistance, from partially compliant to compliant
38 – Mutual legal assistance : freezing and confiscation, from partially compliant to compliant

Today, Mexico is compliant on 10 of the 40 Recommendations and largely compliant on 22 of them. It remains partially compliant on 7 Recommendations, and non-compliant on 1 Recommendation.

Mexico will continue to report back to the FATF on its progress.

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