The United Arab Emirates' progress in strengthening measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing

MENAFATF - Follow-up Report UAE - Nov 2021

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This follow-up report sets out the progress that the United Arab Emirates, member of FATF-Style Regional Body MENAFATF and FATF member Gulf Council Co-operation, has made in improving its level of compliance with the FATF standards, since their 2020 mutual evaluation.  

Recommendation 6 is re-rated from partially compliant to compliant  

Recommendation 7 is re-rated from partially compliant to compliant

Recommendation 25 is re-rated from partially compliant to largely compliant

The follow-up report also assesses the implementation of FATF Recommendations that were modified since the country's mutual evaluation, as a result, Recommendation 15 was re-rated from largely compliant to partially compliant. 

The United Arab Emirates is now “compliant” with 13 of the forty FATF Recommendations, “largely compliant” with 23 Recommendations and “partially compliant” with four Recommendations. The country has no “non-compliant” ratings.


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