FATF Week, 16-21 June 2019

For the first time under the FATF’s new, open-ended mandate, representatives from the 205 members of the FATF Global Network, the IMF, UN, World Bank and others will meet for FATF Week in Orlando, Florida.

During six days of meetings, they will discuss a range of important issues, focused on protecting the integrity of the financial system and contributing to global safety and security.  This includes further progress in the regulation of virtual assets, with strong support from the G20. FATF Week will conclude with Plenary, the third and last under the U.S. Presidency of Marshall Billingslea, from 19 June. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin will end the Plenary with closing remarks on 21 June.

On the agenda during FATF Week, key issues include:

  • Interpretive note and guidance on virtual assets
  • Developments in the financing of ISIL, Al-Qaeda and Affiliates and countries’ disruption strategies, including prosecution of terrorist financing
  • Mutual evaluations of Greece and Hong Kong, China
  • Actions taken by Brazil and Iceland
  • Progress by Iran and other countries that present a risk to the financial system
  • Risk-based approach guidance for legal professionalsaccountants and trust and company service providers
  • Guidance to improve terrorist financing risk assessments
  • The FATF report to G20 leaders
  • Consideration of Saudi Arabia’s membership to the FATF
  • Strategic review of the FATF’s processes and funding
  • Priorities of the upcoming Chinese Presidency of the FATF

In addition, FATF will receive reports from organisations including the IMF, World Bank, United Nations, OECD, OSCE, Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, CARIN, EBRD, ECB, Europol, GIFCS, IAIS, the 9 FATF-Style Regional Bodies and others.


Press briefing

The FATF President will be giving a press briefing on the outcomes of the FATF Plenary on Friday 21 June at 12:00.  To register, journalists should write to contact@fatf-gafi.org, with their name, media, job title and national press card number. 

For further information, please contact Alexandra.wijmenga-daniel@fatf-gafi.org.