Objectives for the Australian Presidency of the FATF (2014-2015)

Objectives for the Australian Presidency of the FATF - FATF XXVI (2014-2015)

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FATF President Roger Wilkins AO presented his objectives for the Australian Plenary year (July 2014 - June 2015) to the June meeting of FATF Plenary.



List of priorities

  1. Raising the profile of the FATF in its 25th year and communicating its continued relevance
  2. Working with the FSRBs to address the issue of regulatory arbitrage
  3. Emphasising the effectiveness component of mutual evaluations
  4. Ensuring quality and consistency in mutual evaluation reports across the global network
  5. Promoting meaningful engagement and open communication with the private sector
  6. Working with the G20 on areas of mutual interest, including corruption and beneficial ownership
  7. Considering the risks associated with virtual currency and potential policy responses
  8. Continuing the FATF strategic view discussions, including prioritisation of the FATF’s work 


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