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FATF continuously monitors the new or developing methods that criminals use to launder the proceeds of their crimes, and how terrorists raise, use and move the funds they need. FATF typologies reports aim to raise awareness with authorities as well as the private sector about the risk of particular sectors or products, so that they can take appropriate actions to mitigate these risks.

The FATF Recommendations provide countries with robust tools to protect financial system from money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. To assist both authorities and private sector in implementing the requirements of the FATF Recommendations, the FATF has developed a comprehensive set of guidance and best practices.

A risk-based approach (RBA) is central to the effective implementation of the 2012 FATF Standards. In co-operation with relevant sectors, the FATF has developed RBA guidance in order to assist both public authorities and the private sector in applying a risk-based approach. The FATF is in the process of reviewing its RBA guidance papers to bring it in line with the requirements of the current FATF Recommendations, and to reflect the experience gained by public authorities and private sector over the years.

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