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18 Sep 2015

Overall, Malaysia has a robust legal AML/CFT framework with generally well-developed and implemented policies. Malaysia is an observer to FATF and is working with the FATF to meet the criteria for membership. In line with these criteria, Malaysia must bring its level of compliance up to a satisfactory level. To strengthen its AML/CFT framework, it needs to take a number of actions, such as further risk assessments of terrorist financing and foreign sources threats, a greater focus on obtaining  convictions and confiscation and better use of financial intelligence by law enforcement agencies. 

20 Jul 2015

Gold has a stable value, is anonymous and easily transformable. This report identifies the features of gold and the gold trade that have made it an alternative means for criminals to transfer value and generate proceeds. Case studies and red flag indicators aim to raise awareness of the key vulnerabilities of the gold and the gold market.

26 Jun 2015

The FATF has revised its best practices paper, aimed at preventing misuse of non-profit organisations for the financing of terrorism while, at the same time, respecting the legitimate activities of non-profit organisations.

26 Jun 2015

During the last Plenary under the Australian Presidency, the FATF adopted a number of reports, such as revised best practices on combating the abuse of non-profit organisation and guidance for a risk-based approach to virtual currencies. The FATF issued a statement on 'de-risking' as well as updated statements concerning high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions. The FATF welcomed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an as an observer to the FATF.