Latest News

01 Jul 2016

Mr. Juan Manuel Vega-Serrano assumed the Presidency of the FATF on 1 July.  He succeeded Mr Je-Yoon Shin of Korea. 

30 Jun 2016

The FATF Training and Research Institute (TREIN) in Busan, Korea is recruiting Training & Research Specialists to take up duties in September 2016. Closing date for applications 11 August.

27 Jun 2016

Delegates discussed improving transparency and beneficial ownership, and the global response to terrorist financing, including the adoption of a revised standard for non-profit organisations.  At this last meeting of the Korean Presidency, the FATF issued a statement on Iran and discussed the assessments of Austria, Canada and Singapore.

27 Jun 2016

The FATF has revised Recommendation 8 and its Interpretive Note. The revised standard aims to ensure that the implementation of Recommendation 8 is in line with the risk-based approach and does not disrupt or discourage legitimate non-profit activities.