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27 Nov 2015

New FATF guidance sets out  the benefits of high quality statistics, such as demonstrating the effectiveness of measures to combat money laundering and terrorism.  It provides examples of the collection, analysis and presentation of AML/CFT data and statistics.  

16 Nov 2015

The FATF reviewed measures to cut off terrorism-related finance in 194 jurisdictions to determine how well they are able to freeze the assets of a terrorist or his financier. 

02 Nov 2015

After 8 years of successful leadership, Mr. Rick McDonell has retired from his position of FATF Executive Secretary.  Mr. David Lewis of the United Kingdom succeeded Mr. McDonell on 1 November 2015.

23 Oct 2015

During the first Plenary under the Korean Presidency, the FATF focused on terrorist financing, the top priority for the FATF.  Among other issues it discussed were the mutual evaluation report of Italy and the updated statements identfying jurisdictions with strategic AML/CFT deficiencies.