4th Round Mutual Evaluation of France: evaluation date not yet scheduled


25 Feb 2015

FATF Plenary meeting opens with terrorist financing high on the agenda

The three-day Plenary meeting of the FATF started today with a speech by Mr. Michel Sapin, French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts. The FATF Plenary meeting brings together representatives from the FATF Global network of over 190 countries. This meeting will have a particular focus on the issue of terrorist financing, and the financing of terrorist organisation ISIL.

25 Feb 2011

Mutual Evaluation of France

The FATF has completed and adopted the third mutual evaluation of the AML/CFT system in France. France has over the past several years continually strengthened, refined and expanded its system. France’s overall degree of compliance with the FATF 40+9 Recommendations is very high, particularly in the financial sector and in the legal area. France should now focus its efforts on certain non-financial professions that still have to improve their level of compliance with the standards. Taking into account the high quality and overall effectiveness of the French system, France will henceforth report back to the FATF on a biennial basis on the further evolution of its AML/CFT system which now ranks as one of the most robust in the FATF.

1 Jul 2005

FATF Annual Report 2004-2005

During the sixteenth FATF Plenary year, under the French Presidency, the FATF focused on widening the community of jurisdictions committed to fighting money laundering and terrorist financing. The FATF also commenced the third round of mutual evaluations.

13 May 1991

FATF Annual Report 1990-1991

Under the French presidency, the delegations agreed to continue the FATF for a period of five years and delegations agreed on the four ongoing tasks for the FATF for the years ahead.

2 Jul 1990

First FATF Report on the extent and nature of the money laundering process and FATF Recommendations to combat money laundering

A year after its creation in July 1989, the FATF, under the French presidency, presents the 40 FATF Recommendations: a set of action steps that constitute a minimal standard in the fight against money laundering. The reports also includes an analysis of the money laundering process and a presentation of the international instruments and national programs already in place to combat money laundering.

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