Mauritius's progress in strengthening measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing

ESAAMLG Follow-Up Report Mauritius Sept 2019

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Mauritius has made significant overall progress in resolving the technical compliance shortcomings identified in its MER and ratings for 19 Recommendations have been revised. 

The following Recommendations were each re-rated to C

  • Recommendations 1 (initially rated NC), 2 (initially rated PC), 3 (initially rated LC), 4 (initially rated LC), 5 (initially rated PC), 6 (initially rated NC), 7 (initially rated NC), 10 (initially rated LC), 15 (initially rated PC), 16 (initially rated LC), 19(initially rated PC), 21(initially rated PC), 22(initially rated LC), 23 (initially rated NC), 29 (initially rated LC) and 35 (initially rated PC)
  • Recommendations 25 and 28 were re-rated to LC
  • Recommendation 24 is rerated to PC

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