Les Dernières Nouvelles

17 Dec 2015

FATF President Je-Yoon Shin addressed the United Nations Security Council meeting of Finance Ministers to highlight the urgent action the FATF is taking to counter terrorist financing, and the important partnership with the United Nations. 

14 Dec 2015

Recent terrorist atrocities have further highlighted the urgent need for countries globally to take effective action to cut off terrorist financing.  FATF members met for three days of discussions to focus and accelerate efforts to combat terrorist financing.

10 déc. 2015

Les atrocités terroristes récentes ont en outre souligné la nécessité urgente pour les pays à l'échelle mondiale de prendre des mesures efficaces pour mettre fin au financement du terrorisme.

07 Dec 2015

The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) has issued a public statement on Suriname's failure to make significant progress in addressing the deficiencies in its regime to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.