FATF Terrorist Financing Typologies Report

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FATF Terrorist Financing Typologies Report

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This study examines the means used by terrorists to raise funds and the wide variety of methods used to move money within and between organisations. The adaptability and opportunism shown by terrorist organisations suggests that all the methods that exist to move money around the globe are to some extent at risk. The study highlights the importance of links between financial tools and wider counter-terrorist activity to combat terrorist financing: the effectiveness of authorities at both detecting and investigating terrorist activity is significantly enhanced when counter-terrorist intelligence and financial information are used together.

Looking ahead the study identifies four areas which could be the focus of efforts to further strengthen counter-terrorist financing efforts: 1 action to address jurisdictional issues including safe havens and failed states, 2 outreach to the private sector to ensure the availability of information to detect terrorist financing, 3 building a better understanding across public and private sectors and 4 enhanced financial intelligence to exploit the value of financial investigation as a tool in fighting terrorism.