FATF Annual Report 1990-1991

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FATF Annual Report 1990-1991

France held the Presidency of the second Plenary year of the FATF.

During this Plenary year, the delegations agreed to continue the FATF for a period of five years, with a decision to review progress after three years, and to reconsider the continuing need, mission, and work program for this specialised group. 

The group agreed to four ongoing tasks: 

  1. self-reporting and mutual assessment (monitoring and surveillance) on the adoption and implementation of FATF recommendations by all members;
  2. co-ordination and oversight of efforts to encourage non-members to adopt and implement the recommendations;
  3. making further recommendations and evaluations of counter-measures while serving as a forum for considering developments in money laundering techniques domestically and world-wide, and for the exchange of information on enforcement techniques to combat money laundering
  4. standing ready to facilitate cooperation between organisations concerned with combating money laundering and between individual countries or territories.

FATF Annual Report 1990-1991