The FATF, UN and member countries focus on preventing and suppressing terrorist financing

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The FATF, UN and member countries focus on preventing and suppressing terrorist financing

Special meeting of the UN CTC, November 2012 (Aamo, McDonell, Smith)
From left, Mr. Mike Smith, Executive Director of the United Nations CounterTerrorism Executive Directorate (CTED); Mr. Rick McDonell, FATF Executive Secretary; and Mr. Bjørn S. Aamo, FATF President  

The FATF president, Bjørn S. Aamo, and the FATF Executive Secretary, Rick McDonell participated in a special meeting of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee (UN CTC) which was held on 20 November with Member States and relevant international and regional organisations.  The event was aimed at raising awareness of the threat of terrorist financing, and focused on the measures required to prevent and suppress such activity.

For the past 10 years, the FATF has complemented the UN’s efforts in combating terrorist financing through the FATF Recommendations which assist countries in the implementation of the relevant UN instruments, including United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267, and its successor resolutions, and the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism.   The financial provisions of these relevant UN instruments are embedded in the FATF Recommendations which establish a range of measures aimed at preventing terrorist financing, and ensuring that such activity can be investigated and prosecuted effectively.  

Another powerful tool is the FATF’s robust mutual evaluation process which assesses the implementation of the FATF Recommendations, including those aimed at combating terrorist financing.

This meeting was an important opportunity to enhance cooperation and information-sharing among international, regional and sub-regional organizations, and member states, with a view to strengthening global efforts to combat terrorism and its financing.

Please see the UN CTC website for further background information and documentation. 

The webcast of the meeting is available on the website of the UN:

Webcast of Part 1 of the meeting:   

Opening session

Session I a) “The importance of the global network in suppressing the financing of terrorism”

Session I b)  “Tackling terrorism financing: the revised FATF standards"

Session II “Regional and national experiences in effectively preventing and suppressing terrorist financing”

Webcast of Part 2 of the meeting:

Session III “Taking counter-financing of terrorism forward: strengthening States’ capacities and international and regional cooperation” 

Closing session Summary of special meeting by Chair, Counter-Terrorism Committee