Webinar: Trade-Based Money Laundering

Trade-based money laundering is one of the most complex and adaptive methods of money laundering. It has been widely used by many illicit actors to disguise and move the proceeds of crime alongside legitimate trade transactions.  

  • In December 2020, the FATF and Egmont Group of FIUs published a report on trade-based money laundering that provides a detailed insight into emerging risks, and outlines a number of best practices for authorities to mitigate this threat. (Click for more information)
  • In March 2021, this report was further supplemented with a list of risk indicators intended to help private sector companies detect trade-based money laundering. (Click for more information)

The FATF organised a webinar on Thursday 18 March 2021, 13:00 – 14:30 CET to discuss the most recent trade-based money laundering trends and developments. During the webinar, experts with various professional backgrounds presented their experience and discussed challenges that public authorities and private sector face with countering this threat. The webinar was attended by almost two thousand public and private sector representatives, in particular experts with practical experience in tackling trade-based money laundering, e.g. law enforcement officers, financial intelligence units analyst, customs services officers, compliance officers of financial institutions and non-financial professions and businesses. 

You can watch the webcast of the webinar below:



Moderator:   Panellists:        

Marconi Costa Melo 

FATF Risks Trends and Methods Group Co-Chair General Coordinator
Brazilian Financial Intelligence Unit



Co-lead of the FATF/Egmont TBML project
Anti Money Laundering Centre, the Netherlands


Senior Officer in the Egmont Group Secretariat

David KANE

World Customs Organisation


Australian Border Force



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