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22 Oct 2021

The FATF initiated an industry survey in consultation with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) to identify areas where divergent AML/CFT rules or their implementation cause friction for cross-border payments.

21 Oct 2021

The fifth FATF Plenary under the Presidency of Dr. Marcus Pleyer, met both in person and virtually from 19-21 October 2021. Read the chairman's summary of the discussions which focussed on key issues to strengthen global action against the financial flows that fuel crime and terrorism.

07 Oct 2021

South Africa has a solid legal framework to fight money laundering and terrorist financing but has significant shortcomings implementing an effective system, including a failure to pursue serious cases.

06 Oct 2021

This follow-up report sets out China's progress in addressing the deficiencies identified in its 2019 mutual evaluation report. China will remain in enhanced follow-up and will report back to the FATF on progress achieved on improving the implementation of its AML/CFT measures.