Women in FATF and the Global Network

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Breaking Barriers: Inspiring the next generation of women leaders

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27 June 2024 - The fight against financial crime is one that continuously evolves, with criminals always trying to find and exploit gaps, loopholes, and new technologies. To keep up with the criminals and ultimately take them down, we need to harness all our collective talents, skills, resources, and knowledge. That is why it is imperative for us to advance our efforts on diversity and inclusion within the FATF and the wider Global Network. Women are integral contributors to society.

Why should this be any different in the area of fighting financial crime?

Under its Singapore Presidency (2022-2024), the FATF launched the Women in FATF and the Global Network initiative February 2023.  This iniative marks a significant milestone in the journey towards gender equality in the AML/CFT community, sparking meaningful conversations and laying the foundations for future initatives to promote gender equality.  

This e-book,  Breaking Barriers: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Leaders is a key highlight of this initiative. It compiles insightful accounts from prominent leaders in the FATF and its Global Network, highlighting their experiences and the challenges they face. The e-book also showcases the experiences of participants in the FATF's first pilot mentoring programme.This programme serves as a bridge to connect accomplished mentors with ambitious and aspiring mentees, encouraging a two-way exchange of knowledge and perspectives.

This publication serves as an inspiration to encourage and empower the next generation of women leaders in AML/CFT.

Stories from Leaders of FATF and the Global Network 

Explore a selection of the stories and interviews, collected from leaders in the global AML/CFT community. For more stories, and to read the experiences of the participants in the FATF's pilot mentoring programme,  download the full publication. 


Launch of the e-book Breaking Barriers - Inspiring the next generation of women leaders