Recovering International Proceeds of Crime through Inter-Agency Networks

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16 November, 2023 - Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Networks (ARINs) are informal international or regional networks that bring together law enforcement practitioners operating in the field of asset tracing, freezing, seizure and confiscation.

With only a fraction of proceeds of crime recovered globally, ARINs can have an important role in improving the effectiveness of international asset recovery efforts.

FATF conducted this first third-party review of the ARINs, their global impact, functions and the challenges they face. The eight distinct ARINs operate independently, each with their own governance structure, mandate and guiding principles. Participation in an ARIN is not compulsory. There are currently 178 Member jurisdictions within ARIN networks, including 159 members of the FATF's Global Network of 205 countries and jurisdictions. ARINs can help strengthen ties between investigators and asset recovery offices, act as intermediaries with other regional networks and collaborate with other international organizations to strengthen asset recovery actions.

ARINs can help build the necessary trust and cross-border lines of communication to help investigators and prosecutors follow illicit financial flows across borders and recover assets in transnational crime cases. However, despite proven successes, most ARINs do face a number of challenges. In particular, resource challenges can prevent certain ARINs from following up on requests for assistance. Other challenges include lack of long-term financial sustainability, measuring performance and cultural differences and language barriers between investigators. 

This report helps policymakers better understand the role and impact of ARINs and identifies areas for potential improvement so that these international networks can fulfill their potential of helping countries “follow the money” and take the profit out of crime

Recovering International Proceeds of Crime through Inter-Agency Networks

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