The FATF Recommendations

The FATF Recommendations are the internationally endorsed global standards against money laundering and terrorist financing: they increase transparency and enable countries to successfully take action against illicit use of their financial system.
FATF Recommendations
The President, T. Raja Kumar, stated: “FATF members have delivered the most significant reforms on the Recommendations related to asset recovery in decades. The amendments will provide countries with a range of new and enhanced tools to more effectively freeze, seize, and confiscate criminal property, and cooperate with each other. It is now up to countries to make that major mindset and culture shift a reality and prioritise asset recovery as a key pillar of their national crime prevention and criminal justice strategy. Countries would need to promptly implement these robust Standards, and even go beyond them as needed, to ensure that crime does not pay, that victims are compensated, and that dangerous criminals and terrorists are deprived of the means to inflict harm around the world.”