FATF Training and Support Activities

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FATF Training and Support Activities

The FATF conducts training and support activities to strengthen countries’ understanding of the FATF Standards and how they help combat money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing (funding for weapons of mass destruction), and to assist FATF-style regional bodies in the conduct of mutual evaluations. The FATF delivers these activities worldwide, including at the FATF Training Institute in Busan, Korea, and often in partnership with FATF members, FATF-Style Regional Bodies (FSRBs) and other international organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The FATF’s support activities have four distinct goals:

Achieve a Better Understanding of the FATF Standards Worldwide

Improving the knowledge of FATF’s international standards to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing will contribute to a better implementation of these measures into national regimes. The FATF delivers activities such as the FATF Standards Training Course to help government agency staff improve their knowledge of the FATF Standards.

Training and Supporting Assessors

The strength and quality of assessors across the FATF Global Network is one of the keys to success of FATF and the FATF-style Regional Bodies as assessment bodies that conduct mutual evaluations of their members. The FATF and FATF-style Regional Bodies organise training of prospective assessors jointly as a way to share best practices and improve the quality of assessors in mutual evaluations worldwide.

Support the Work of FATF’s Regional Partners

Sharing experiences and developing best practices will help strengthen the operations of the Secretariats of FSRBs, which is particularly important in the conduct of the mutual evaluation process. Activities such as the capacity-building workshops and mentorships contribute to the improvement of stakeholder operations, and improve the implementation of the FATF standards in non-FATF member countries.

Develop Synergies to avoid Duplication

Co-ordinating training, support and technical assistance activities provided by national, regional and global organisations, ensures that these valuable resources are efficiently allocated across the globe.

The FATF delivers a diverse set of training and support activities throughout the FATF’s Global Network of FATF and FSRB members, when necessary in coordination with relevant organisations. While the activities may be numerous, all of the FATF’s training and support activities are designed to improve the implementation of national regimes to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing across the globe.

Delegations are encouraged to consult the upcoming events list on FACT to participate in FATF Training and Support Activities.


New Developments in FATF Training and Support Activities


As part of the FATF Training and Support Activities, the Financial Action Task Force launched the FATF @cademy in July 2020. This e-learning platform features recent FATF webinar recordings, instructional videos, online courses and tests to assess newly acquired knowledge. The FATF @cademy contains the FATF Introductory Course, an e-learning course that is designed to provide the basics about the FATF, its work to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and to clarify the technical terms and concepts that are often used. The course highlights the FATF's Recommendations and Immediate Outcomes, how to understand the Mutual Evaluation process, and much more, and is an ideal place for individuals to start their FATF learning journey.

It takes 6 to 8 hours to complete, is broken up into 20 different sections with 14 badges to earn and many quizzes to take.

More courses and translations of courses are being added all the time, so remember to keep checking back for new material to support your FATF learning journey.

FATF @cademy is available to officials of FATF member countries, FSRB member countries and Secretariats and FATF Observer Organisations. For registration please contact FATF.e-learning@fatf-gafi.org with your professional email address or ask your FSRB to request access for you.


FATF Training Centre in Busan, Korea

In November 2020, the FATF opened its second office – the FATF Training Institute located in Busan, Korea. This office is staffed by expert members of the FATF Secretariat wholly dedicated to training the FATF Global Network on the FATF Standards. They hold numerous training activities and are focused on the delivery of the FATF Standards Training Course.

The Standards Training Course aims at enhancing participants’ understanding of the FATF Standards on AML/CFT and the implementation of effective measures to combat ML/TF. It is an intermediate level training, designed for AML/CFT practitioners with prior exposure to the FATF Standards, and is delivered through a series of e-learning, presentations, group discussions and small group activities. This course is designed for practitioners looking to improve their countries’ AML/CFT measures.

Delegations are encouraged to consult the upcoming events list on FACT to participate in training at the FATF Training Centre. We hope that we have the opportunity to welcome you to the FATF Training Centre soon!