Public Consultation on the Draft Risk-Based Approach Guidance for the Securities Sector

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6 July 2018 - The FATF is currently developing guidance to assist countries, competent authorities and the securities sector in the application of a risk-based approach (RBA) to AML/CFT. The guidance is intended to provide support both to the private sector and to supervisors, by focusing on ML/TF risks and associated mitigation measures.

The FATF is consulting private sector stakeholders before the guidance is finalised, and wishes to receive your views on, and specific proposals to the text of the Draft RBA Guiance Securities Sector.

The draft guidance contains a section on specific guidance for securities providers and intermediaries (Section II). Your specific comments on whether this section provides sufficient clarity for the design and implementation of risk-based AML/CFT measures by the securities sector, and any additional suggestions, are welcome. The draft guidance also includes an Annex, setting out suspicious activity indicators in relation to the securities sector (Annex B). Your contribution to further expand these indicators would also be welcome.

While submitting your response, please indicate the name of your organisation, the nature of your business (broker-dealer, funds management, others), and your contact details. Further, please insert any specific drafting proposals directly in the attached text of the draft guidance in redlines. Please note that the current draft of the guidance has not been approved by the FATF at this stage. It will be subject to further revisions and amendments.

Your comments should reach us at with subject-line “Comments of XX on the draft RBA Guidance for the Securities Sector”, no later than Friday, 17 August 2018 [the public consultation is now closed]. All the comments received will be shared with the FATF delegations.

FATF intends to adopt the final Guidance at its October 2018 Plenary meeting.