Biennial Update to the Mutual Evaluation of Norway

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Biennial Update to the Mutual Evaluation of Norway

Following the adoption of its mutual evaluation report in June 2005, Norway was placed in the regular follow-up process.

During the follow-up process, Norway reported back to the FATF Plenary on the progress it had made in addressing the deficiencies identified in the report. In February 2009, the FATF Plenary decided that Norway had made sufficient progress and that it should henceforth report back on a biennial basis on any action it has taken in the anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) area.

Norway submitted its first biennial report to the FATF Plenary in June 2011.  The report provides information on the action undertaken by Norway to improve compliance with the FATF Recommendations. 

The report is availalbe on the FATF website or on the Norwegian government website. 

Please note that the information provided by Norway in this report was not analysed by the FATF, the report is provided for information only.

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